Azaz Zaman

Graduate Research Assistant, Auburn University

Azaz Zaman is a Ph.D. student and Graduate Research Assistant in the Department of Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology at Auburn University. He is holding an Assistant Professor position in the Department of Business Administration at the Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology. He is currently on study leave. He has more than six years of teaching and research experience at different institutions, including the State University of Bangladesh, the Institute for Policy, Advocacy, and Governance (IPAG), Oklahoma EPSCoR, and Oklahoma State University. Moreover, he was selected as one of the early career researchers by the South-Central Climate Science Center, USA in 2014. He also has conducted different training programs at various private and public organizations, including the Asian Language Center, the National Academy for Planning and Development (NAPD), and the State University of Bangladesh. He earned his M.Sc. degree in Agricultural Economics from Oklahoma State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from North South University (NSU). His research interests include agricultural technology & innovation, climate change, renewable energy, and sustainability.

Azaz is a graduate research assistant working with Ruiqing Miao. 

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