Crop forward, climate smart

Let’s inspire the next generation! Whether you’re looking for educational materials for K–12 teachers and 4H leaders, or high-tech apps and tools for the community, the SCAPES project is committed to educating all people about the benefits of co-locating energy and food production. From new technology to advances in agricultural sciences—and even site tours—we’re excited to show the future of sustainability through agrivoltaics research.

Educational Tools

The SCAPES Education Team is developing tools and strategies to promote awareness of and interest in agrivoltaics. We will engage learners of all ages and backgrounds through museum exhibits, college course integration, educational programs, and an agrivoltaics simulation app.

A topic like agrivoltaics holds the potential to engage learners in novel ways. For example, when designing an agrivoltaic farm, there are a lot of choices to make. One thing the Education Team will create is an opportunity to convey the excitement of those choices and the potential of agrivoltaics to radically transform agriculture.
Agrivoltaics Simulation App

Using Data Effectively

All while providing educational opportunities, the SCAPES Education Team will conduct educational research and efficacy studies. We seek to investigate the links between app design and learning outcomes.
  • How well do users grasp key agrivoltaic concepts after using the app?
  • Are users engaged when using the app?
  • In what way is the user experience different when using the app on a large touchscreen versus using the app on a mobile device?
By understanding how users interact with the app, we’ll iterate our app design to offer a refined user experience

Education Team