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Our team jumped into the world of AgriVoltaics in a recent virtual chat, where solar energy and crop production collide. We dove deep into solar impact, crop yield, money matters, and what’s next. Want in on the action? Join us at the next event and share your thoughts!

Modeling Solar Conditions and Crop Yield

Nenad Miljkovic led the way, sharing insights from teamwork between the University of Illinois, Arizona, and Colorado. Their magic? Blending solar panels and crops, considering shade, structure, and more. Solar stuff gets modeled using custom array tracing. Crops? They’ve got light, radiation, and yield all figured out.

Practical Stuff and Money Talks

Folks had questions about the nitty-gritty and the bucks. They asked about crops and farming and got the lowdown on minimal changes and expert teamwork. Money-wise, the focus is on crop yield, energy, and the green stuff. The experts, like Madhu Khanna, dive into ROI for that real-world touch.

The Road Ahead for AgriVoltaics

As the chat kept rolling, Prairie Rivers Network hopped on board, intrigued by the project’s vibes. The team’s all about harmony between solar and crops for a bright energy and farming future. We chatted about panel spacing, plants underneath, and where AgriVoltaics is headed. Panels that let plants thrive below? You bet. And we dived into smart land management after installation.

We wrapped up with a grin, looking forward to AgriVoltaics’ journey ahead. It’s not just about crops – livestock and pollinators are part of the mix too. Smart choices and staying flexible are key. Our chats covered a ton, and we’re keeping it all for future reference. Join the adventure in this cool solar-farming combo!

Catch the whole convo here: https://mediaspace.illinois.edu/media/t/1_e2bu1jvm