In a recent session hosted by the SCAPES project, funded by the USDA-NIFA and based at the University of Illinois, attendees explored the promising realm of agrivoltaics – the fusion of agriculture and solar energy. Led by experts like Dr. Madhu Khanna, Dennis Bowman, Dr. Alan Knapp from Colorado State University, and Dr. Greg Barron-Gafford from the University of Arizona, participants delved into cutting-edge research findings and practical insights.

Dr. Alan Knapp unveiled fascinating discoveries on integrating photovoltaic panels into grassland ecosystems, shedding light on their effects on light levels, water availability, and crop productivity. Dr. Greg Barron-Gafford emphasized the collaborative nature of such research endeavors, stressing the importance of diverse perspectives.

Discussions spanned crucial topics such as sustainability challenges, climate change impacts, water conservation benefits, and innovative soil management techniques. Despite challenges, agrivoltaics emerged as a beacon of hope for sustainable agriculture and renewable energy production.

Join us as we explore the potential of agrivoltaics for sustainable agriculture and renewable energy, with gratitude for support and commitment to further research efforts.